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Favorite Characters: Ken, TK, (Digimon), Kenny, Kyle (South Park), Keiichi, Shion (Higurashi), Original Ion, Arietta, (Tales), Battler, Ange (Umineko), Roxas (Kingdom Hearts), Link, Vaati (Zelda), Gold, Archie, Maxie (Pokémon), Raimundo, Chase Young (Xiaolin Showdown), Vanellope, Turbo, Ralph, Felix, Tamora (Wreck-It Ralph)

Hardenshipping stamp by ArtyHylian Flippy x Flakey Stamp by Sushiba I Believe... Stamp by Mirz123
Clubs I Joined
I got bored, so I decided to make a list of the couples I support..
(Please have Tolerance and respect for options)
Alright these are couplings that I support; I ether: Love/Like/Semi-support/Find Alright/Support-One-Sided/Can see happening/Platonic love (deep friendship)/Support-only-in-a-Fandom-series.. with these couples (through there are couples I can see happening, but don't support it..)
[Edit 3/25/08 OK I will now put relationships that I see in a siblin/family-like(even if thier not related) bond]

Every other paring I ether forgot/hate/dislike/don't care for/never thought of/only see them as friends/only see them in a brother(s)-sister(s) relationship/Can see happings, but don't support in any way, except maybe friends/Can see happing, but only because they have some things(almost everything/lots of things) in command, but how the charaters act around eachother, it could most likely never happen - matters not the gender.

Just so everyone knowns, just because I list a show/anime/comic/manga/book/whatever series does not mean I like (or love) it, OR even watch/read it. I honestly barely watch some of these shows..

And for the couples I listed here, I don't support/like all of them 100%, I mostly support them 10-90% (there are also 1-99%'s too), and only a few I support 100%.

English name is first, then the Original one (unless I don't know thier name.. or if stated otherwise..)
Aladdin x Jasmine
Aladdin x Sadira

Android Kikaider: The Animation
Jiro x Mitsuko

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Aang x Katara
Sokka x Katara
Sokka x Suki
Sokka x Toph
Sokka x Yue
Zuko x Katara
Zuko x Toph

Ben 10
Ben x Gwen
Kevin x Gwen [Alien Force]

Kai x Hilary/Hiromi
Ray/Rei x Mariah/Mao
Tyson/Takao x Hilary/Hiromi

Ichigo x Rukia

Camp Lazlo
Clam x Gretchen
Edward x Gretchen
Lazlo x Edward
Lazlo x Patsy
Raj x Nina

Cardcaptors | Cardcaptor Sakura
Li/Syaoran x Meilin/Meiling
Li/Syaoran x Sakura
Madison/Tomoyo x Sakura
Tori/Toya x Sakura
Tori/Toya x Julian/Yukito
Julian/Yukito x Sakura
Julian/Yukito x Li/Syaoran

Case Closed | Detective Conan
Conan x Amy/Ayumi
Conan x Anita/Ai
Conan x Rachel/Ran
Jimmy/Shinichi x Sherry/Shiho
Jimmy/Shinichi x Rachel/Ran
Mitch/Mitsuhiko x Amy/Ayumi
Mitch/Mitsuhiko x Anita/Ai
George/Genta x Anita/Ai

Code Lyoko
Jeremey x Aelita
Odd x Aelita
Odd x Samantha
Ulrich x Sissy
Ulrich x Yumi
William x Yumi

Codename: Kids Next Door
Bruce (Numbuh 0.1) x Ashley (Numbuh 0.3)
Chad (Numbuh 274) x Cree (Numbuh 11)
Fanny (Numbuh 86) x Rick (Numbuh 19th Century)
Hank/Hoagie (Numbuh 2) x Cree (Numbuh 11)
Heinrich x Abby (Numbuh 5)
Hoagie (Numbuh 2) x Abby (Numbuh 5)
Lee (Numbuh 84) x Sonya (Numbuh 83)
Nigel (Numbuh 1) x Abby (Numbuh 5)
Nigel (Numbuh 1) x Eizzil
Nigel (Numbuh 1) x Lizzie
Nigel (Numbuh 1) x Rachel (Numbuh 362)
Sally x Numbuh 1's descendant (BND) [ep. Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E.]
Wally (Numbuh 4) x Kuki (Numbuh 3)

Ken (Digimon) x May/Haruka (Pokémon)
Blossom (Powerpuff Girls) x Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)
Gary (Pokémon) x Cosmo (Sonic X)
Pokémon Trainer/Red (Pokémon) x Lucas (Mother 3)
Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet; Disney) x Ariel (The Little Mermaid; Disney)
Jake (American Dragon: Jake Long) x June (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee)
Diego (Go Diego Go!) x Dora (Dora the Explorer)
Timmy (Fairly Oddparents) x Cindy (Jimmy Neutron)
Sora (Kingdom Hearts) x Kilala (Kilala Princess)

Danny Phatom
(Danny (& Dani): human & ghost self; Phatom: ghost; Fenton: human)
Danny x Dani
Danny x Sam
Danny Phatom x Paulina
Danny Fenton x Valerie
Tucker x Sam
Tucker x Valerie

Death Note
L x Misa
Light x Misa

Dexter's Laboratory
Dexter x Olga/Lalavava
Mandark x Dee Dee

Cody/Iori x Ken
Davis/Daisuke x Ken
Davis/Daisuke x Jun
Davis/Daisuke x T.K./Takeru
Davis/Daisuke x Yolei/Miyako
Emperor/Kaiser x Ken
Gatomon/Tailmon x Wizardmon/Wizarmon
Impmon x Renamon
Izzy/Koushirou x Mimi
Joe/Jyou x Izzy/Koushirou
Joe/Jyou x Mimi
J.P./Junpei x Zoe/Izumi
Ken x Kari/Hikari
Ken x Wormmon
Ken x Yolei/Miyako
Matt/Yamato x Jun
Matt/Yamato x Mimi
Matt/Yamato x Sora
Michael x Mimi
Michael x Yolei/Miyako
Patamon x Gatomon/Tailmon
Ryo/Ryou x Rika/Ruki
Ryo/Ryou x Ken
Stingmon x Ken
Tai/Taichi x Kari/Hikari
Tai/Taichi x Matt/Yamato
Tai/Taichi x Sora
Taichi Yagami x Rei Saiba [V-Tamer]
Taichi Yagami x Sigma [V-Tamer]
Takato x Jeri/Juri
Takato x Rika/Ruki
T.K./Takeru x Cody/Iori
T.K./Takeru x Kari/Hikari
T.K./Takeru x Ken
Veemon/V-mon x Gatomon/Tailmon
Wormmon x Gatomon/Tailmon
Willis/Wallace x Ken
Willis/Wallace x Kari/Hikari
Willis/Wallace x T.K./Takeru
Willis/Wallace x Yolei/Miyako
Yolei/Miyako x Kari/Hikari
Yolei/Miyako x Izzy/Koushirou
Yolei/Miyako x Mimi
Yolei/Mikyako x T.K./Takeru

Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai (etc.)
Gohan/Son Gohan x Videl
Goku/Son Gokū x Bulma/Buruma
Goku/Son Gokū x Chi Chi
Vegeta x Bulma/Buruma
Yamcha/Yamucha x Bulma/Buruma

Ed, Edd n Eddy
Ed x May
Edd x Marie
Edd x May
Edd x Nazz
Edd x Sarah
Eddy x Lee
Jimmy x Sarah
Kevin x Nazz

Elfen Lied
Bandō x Mayu
Kohta/Kouta x Nyu
Kohta/Kouta x Kaede/Lucy
Kohta/Kouta x Yuka
Kurama x Nana

Fairly OddParents
Anti Cosmo x Anti Wanda
Anti Cosmo x Wanda
Cosmo x Anti Wanda
Cosmo x Wanda
[happy peppy] Gary x Betty
Imaginary Gary x Trixie
Timmy x Imaginary Gary
Timmy x Tootie
Timmy x Trixie
Timmy x Veronica
Timmy x Vicky
Timmy x (5 year old) Vicky [ep. The Switch Glitch]

Family Guy
Stewie x Brian
Stewie x Olivia

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Mac x Frankie
Mac x Goo

Fry x Amy
Fry x Leela
Kif x Amy

Fullmetal Alchemist
Ed x Winry
Roy x Riza

Happy Tree Friends
Flippy x Flaky

Harry Potter
Draco x Astoria
Draco x Hermione
Harry x Ginny
Harry x Hermione
James x Lily
Ron x Hermione
Scorpius x Lily Luna
Scorpius x Rose Weasley
Severus x Lily

Harvest Moon | Bokujou Monogatari
"Boy/Girl" is the main character, a.k.a. "YOU" play as in the Harvest Moon games, unless I state otherwise. I've seen the boy's name being "Pete" and "Jack", as for the girl, all I know is "Sara", "Pony", "Jill" and "Claire"[edit:2/29/08] I found out the official names for the characters, so it turns out that "Jack" was just a fan-name(s) for the main male character(s)[7/22/08]If anyone's wondering why I have different game listings for this series is because I personally see each Harvest Moon game as like another universe, except for a few. For example, one of the games I see as the same universe/time would be AWL and FoMT and I see the DS universe in the same universe, but 100 years in the furture after AWL, and I consider the DS characters as decendents of the characters from AWL/FoMT
Harvest Moon GB/GBC series
Pete x Sara
Pete x Ellen
Pete x Nina
Save the Homeland (Hero - Tooi トーイ..though I did read on a site that his name was Maaku マーク)
Tooi x Claire (girl from MFoMT)
Tooi x Dia
Tooi x Gina/Jina
Tooi x Gwen/Sala
Tooi x Katie/Kety
Tooi x Lyla/Lyra
Magical Melody (Girl - Tina ティナ; Boy - Tito/Teito ティート)
Tina x Alex
Tina x Dan
Tina x Jamie/Rion(Boy)
Tina x Kurt
Tina x Ray
Tito x Ann
Tito x Ellen
Tito x Gwen
Tito x Jamie/Rion(Girl)
Tito x Tina
A Wonderful Life (Special Edition) - (Boy - Mark [マーク Maaku]..then again, I also heard his name was Tooi/Tony トーイ it's translated as one of those) / Another Wonderful Life - (Pony ポニー )
Mark x Celia/Sepiria
Mark x Claire (girl from MFoMT)
Mark x Lumina/Rumina
Mark x Muffy/Mumu
Mark x Nami
Mark x Pete (guy from FoMT)
Mark x Pony
(Son) x Lumina/Rumina
(Son) x Kate/Keito
(Daughter) x Hugh/Hyu
Carter/Kata x Flora/Furora
Galen/Gari x Nina
Hugh/Hyu x Kate/Keito
Hugh/Hyu x Lumina/Rumina
Tim/Tei x Ruby/Ru
Wally/Suary x Chris/Kurisu
("More" - Claire クレア) / Friends of Mineral Town - (Pete ピート)
Ann/Ran x Cliff
Doctor x Elli/Erie
Gray x Mary/Marie
Claire x Gray
Claire x Kai
Claire x Maaku/Tooi (guy from StH)
Claire x Mark (guy from AWL)
Pete x Ann/Ran
Pete x Elli/Erie
Pete x Gray
Pete x Karen
Pete x Sara (girl from GB/GBC series)
Pete x Mark (guy from AWL)
Kai x Gray
DS / Cute
[Girls - Cute] Claire - MFoMT, Pony - AnWL
Pete x Ann/Aafi
Pete x Elli/Erisu
Pete x Karen/Kaarii
Pete x Keria/Kiara
Pete x Leia/Lettuce (Retasu)
Pete x Lumina/Roena
Pete x Nami/Nasuka
Pete x Pony
Pete x Popuri/Arisa
Pete x Witch Princess/Majou-sama
Claire x Gray/Purple
Claire x Kai/Ain
Claire x Pony
Claire x Trent/Toore
Claire x Witch Princess/Majou-sama
Gray/Purple x Mary/Marivia
Pony x Cliff/Halif
Pony x Gray/Purple
Pony x Kai/Ain
Pony x Trent/Toore
Takakura x Popuri/Arisa
Tree of Tranquility (Girl - Akari/Angela; Boy - Takeru/Kevin) and Animal Parade (Girl - Hikari/Molly; Boy - Yuuki/Kasey) (Tree Series)
Gale (Wizard) x Vivi (Witch)
Takeru x Akari
Takeru x Anissa/Anise
Takeru x Leena/Rina
Island of Happiness / Shining Sun and Friends (Island Series)
Charlie x Eliza
Chelsea/Chierushie x Denny/Danny
Chelsea/Chierushie x Elliot/Eric
Chelsea/Chierushie x Pierre
Chelsea/Chierushie x Shea/Shiba
Chelsea/Chierushie x Vaughn/Valts
Chelsea/Chierushie x Will
Mark/Maruke x Alisa/Ariella
Mark/Maruke x Sabrina/Ceffiena
Mark/Maruke x Chelsea/Chierushie
Mark/Maruke x Julia
Mark/Maruke x Lanna/Lily
Mark/Maruke x Natalie
Mark/Maruke x Lily/Sui Len
Mark/Maruke x Witch Princess

Hey Arnold!
Arnold x Helga

Bankotsu x Jakotsu
InuYasha x Kagome
Inuyasha x Kikyo
Kouga x Ayame
Kouga x Kagome
Kouga x Kikyo
Kohaku x Rin
Miroku x Sango
Sesshoumaru x Kikyou
Sesshoumaru x Kagome
Sesshoumaru x Rin
Shippo x Kilala/Kirara

Jackie Chan Adventures
Hsi Wu (Seymour Jahoositz) x Jade
Jackie x Viper
Paco x Jade

Jimmy Neutron
Carl x Elke
Jimmy x Cindy
Sheen x Libby

Kilala Princess
Rei x Kilala/Kirara

Kim Possible
Dr. Drakken x Shego
Kim x Ron
Ron x Yori
Zorpox/Evil Ron x Kim

Kingdom Hearts
Axel x Larxene
Axel x Namine
Axel x Roxas
Axel x Xion
Hayner x Ollete
Hayner x Roxas
Kairi x Namine
Riku x Kairi
Riku x Sora
Roxas x Kairi
Roxas x Namine
Roxas x Ollete
Roxas x Xion
Sora x Kairi
Sora x Namine
Sora x Roxas
Terra x Aqua

King of the Hill
Bobby x Connie

Hoggle x Sarah
Jareth x Sarah
Moppet x Toby [Return to Labyrinth]
Sarah x Toby (Return to Labyrinth)

Last Dragon Chronicles
David x Sophie
David x Zanna

Luminous Arc
Rasche x Rina
Roland x Althea

Megaman | Rockman
Roll x MegaMan/Rock (Trigger)
Tron Bonne x MegaMan/Rock (Trigger)

Skipper x Marlene

Luigi x Daisy
Mario x Peach
Toad x Toadette
Wario x Mona
Yoshi x Birdo

Adrian x Natalie
Adrian x Sharona
Adrian x Trudy

Monster Rancher | Monster Farm
Genki x Holly

My Life as a Teenage Robot
Jenny x Brad
Jenny x Sheldon

My Little Pony
Applejack x Fluttershy
Applejack x Rarity
Discord x Fluttershy
Firefly x Applejack
Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy
Rainbow Dash x Applejack
Spike x Rarity
Spike x Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle x Rarity

My World, My Way | Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru
Elise x Nero

Ino x Sakura
Naruto x Hinata
Naruto x Sakura
Naruto x Sasuke
Neji x Hinata
Rock Lee x Sakura
Sasuke x Sakura
Shikamaru x Ino

Phantasy Star
Chaz/Rudi x Alys/Raira
Chaz/Rudi x Rika/Fal (Faru)
Rolf/Eusis x Nei

Phil of the Future
Phil x Keely

On the Pokémon, I go by thier English (nick)names
Sir Aaron/Arlon x Lucario (8th movie)
Sir Aaron/Arlon x Rin
Ash/Satoshi x Angie/Aoi
Ash/Satoshi x Casey/Nanako
Ash/Satoshi x Dawn/Hikair
Ash/Satoshi x Gary/Shigeru
Ash/Satoshi x May/Haruka
Ash/Satoshi x May/Satsuki (Gary/Shigeru's sister from Electric Tale)
Ash/Satoshi x Melody/Furura (2nd movie)
Ash/Satoshi x Misty/Kasumi
Ash/Satoshi x Molly/Mi (3rd movie)
Ash/Satoshi x Ritchie(Richie)/Hiroshi
Ash/Satoshi x Latias (5th movie) [human form]
Ash/Satoshi x Samual "Sam(Sammy)" Oak/Yukinari Ookido [4th movie]
Brendan/Yuuki x May/Haruka
Brock/Takeshi x Autumn/Aki
Brock/Takeshi x Lucy/Azami
Brock/Takeshi x Molly/Mi (3rd movie)
Brock/Takeshi x Misty/Kasumi
Brock/Takeshi x Sabrina/Natsume [Electric Tale]
Butch/Kosaburo x Cassidy/Yamato
Conway/Kōhei x Dawn/Hikari
Dawn/Hikari x Barry/Jun
Dent x Iris
Drew/Shuu x Brianna/Wakana
Evil Ash/Satoshi (King of Pokelantis) x Gary/Shigeru
Evil Ash/Satoshi (King of Pokelantis) x Misty/Kasumi
Gary/Shigeru x Ashley/Satoko
Gary/Shigeru x [his] Cheerleaders/Cheering Gals
Gary/Shigeru x Dawn/Hikari
Gary/Shigeru x Dora
Gary/Shigeru x Giselle/Seiyo
Gary/Shigeru x May/Haruka
Gary/Shigeru x May/Satsuki (Electric Tale)
Gary/Shigeru x Misty/Kasumi
Gary/Shigeru x Molly/Mi (3rd movie)
Gary/Shigeru x Crystal/Misao (Anime)
Gary/Shigeru x Ritchie(Richie)/Hiroshi
Gary/Shigeru x Samual "Sam(Sammy)" Oak/Yukinari Ookido (4th movie)
Gary/Shigeru x Zoey/Nozomi
Georgio x Casey/Nanako
Georgio x Misty/Kasumi
Giovanni x Delia [Pokémon Live!]
Harrison/Hazuki (Johto League) x Macey/Moe
James/Kojiro x Jessie/Musashii
Jessie/Musashii x Astin
Jimmy/Kenta x Marina (Johto)
Joe/Jyun(Jun) x Giselle/Seiyo
Joshua/Toshiki (coordinator) x Erica/Eriko
Kenny/Kengo x Dawn/Hikari
May/Haruka x Drew/Shuu
May/Haruka x Max/Masato
May/Haruka x Ruby (Adventures/Special Manga)
May/Haruka's Bulbasaur x Ash/Satoshi's Bulbasaur
Mewtwo x Amber/AiTwo
Misty/Kasumi x Ashley/Satoko
Misty/Kasumi x Mikey/Taichi
Nick x Nurse Joy (Chronicles: Yet Another Legend of Celebi)
Professor Samuel Oak/Dr. Yukinari Ōkido x Delia/Hanako [Anime]
Prof. Oak/Okido x Agatha/Kikuko
Pual/Shijin x Dawn/Hikari
Ralph x Emily/Emili
Ralph's Nidoran♂-Nidorino[Tony] x Emily's Nidoran♀-Nidorina[Maria]
Ritchie(Richie)/Hiroshi x Misty/Kasumi
Ritchie(Richie)/Hiroshi x Casey/Nanako
Rudy/Ziggy x Misty/Kasumi
Tracey/Kenji x Daisy/Sakura (Anime)
Tracey/Kenji x Misty/Kasumi
Vincent(Jackson)/Jun'ichi x Marina
Zoey/Nozomi x Dawn/Hikari
Blue/Green x Leaf
Blue/Green x Daisy/Nanami
Blue/Green x May/Haruka
Brendan/Yuuki x May/Haruka
Cheren x Bel
Cheren x Touko
Dawn/Hikari x Riley/Gen
Ethan/Hibiki (Gold) x Lyra/Kotone
Gold x Kris/Crys
Gold x Silver
Lucas/Koki x Dawn/Hikari
Red x Blue/Green
Red x Leaf
Mark/Park x Amy/Utchi (Pokemon Card GameBoy & PCGB2)
Mark/Park x Heather
Mark/Park x Jennifer
Mark/Park x Mint (Pokemon Card GameBoy 2)
N x Touko
Pearl (Damion) x Dawn/Hikari
Prof. Oak/Okido x Agatha/Kikuko
Touya x Bel
Touya x Touko
Silver x Kris/Crys
Wally/Mitsuru x May/Haruka
Wes/Leo x Rui/Mirei
Adventures/Special Manga:
Bill x Daisy
Blue/Green x Green/Blue
Blue/Green x Sapphire
Blue/Green x Yellow
Gold x Green/Blue
Gold x Crystal (Crys/Krys for short)
Gold x Ruby
Gold x Sapphire
Gold x Silver
Gold x Yellow
Green/Blue x Yellow
Lance/Wataru x Yellow
Platina Berlitz/Ojyousama x Diamond
Platina Berlitz/Ojyousama x Pearl
Red x Blue/Green
Red x Erika
Red x Gold
Red x Green/Blue
Red x Misty/Kasumi
Red x Sapphire
Red x Yellow
Red's Pikachu [Pika] x Yellow's Pikachu [Chuchu]
Ruby x Courtney/Kagari
Ruby x Sapphire
Ruby x May/Haruka (Anime)
Sabrina/Natsume x Blue/Green
Sabrina/Natsume x Green/Blue
Silver x Blue/Green
Silver x Crystal (Chris/Crys for short)
Silver x Green/Blue
Silver x Ruby
Silver x Sapphire
Other manga/comics:
Caraway x Coconut [PiPiPi|CCP/MPJ]
Coconut x Almond [PiPiPi|CCP/MPJ]
Hazel/Maron x Almond [PiPiPi|CCP/MPJ]
Peanut/Peas x Plum [PiPiPi|CCP/MPJ]
Satoshi x Shigeru [Zensho]
Wal x Apricot/Koume [PiPiPi|CCP/MPJ]

Princess Debut
Carlos x Sabrina
Cesar x Sabrina
Keith x Sabrina
Kiefer x Sabrina
Kyle x Sabrina
Klaus x Sabrina
Leon x Sabrina
Liam x Sabrina
Lucas x Sabrina
Luciano x Sabrina
Tony x Sabrina
Victor x Sabrina
Vince x Sabrina

Princess Tutu
Fakir x Duck/Ahiru
Fakir x Princess Tutu
Fakir x Rue
Mytho x Duck/Ahiru
Mytho x Princess Kraehe
Mytho x Princess Tutu
Mytho x Rue

Rugrats / All Grown Up!
Tommy x Kimi
Tommy x Lil
Chuckie x Kimi

Rune Factory
Raguna x Mist
Raguna x Rosetta
Kyle x Dorothy
Kyle x Mana
Aria x Orland/Orphas
Aria x Rean
Aria x Roy
Aria x Sera/Muu
Aria x Serena/Suu
Arusu (Ars) x Cammy/Kanon
Arusu (Ars) x Lamria Remnand Viviajyu
Arusu (Ars) x Sera/Muu
Arusu (Ars) x Serena/Suu
Micah/Mice (Mais) x Raven/Toona
Micah/Mice (Mais) x Shara/Sia

Sailor Moon
Serena/Usagi x Darien/Mamoru

Fred x Daphne
Fred x Velma
Shaggy x Googie
Shaggy x Crystal
Shaggy x Velma

Shakugan no Shana
Hayato Ike x Kazumi Yoshida
Hayato Ike x Yukari Hirai
Yuji Sakai x Kazumi Yoshida
Yuji Sakai x Shana
Yuji Sakai x Yukari Hirai

Donkey x Dragon
Shrek x Fiona

Speed Racer | Mach Go Go Go
Speed/Gō x Trixie/Michi
Speed Jr. x Lucy

Gary x Snellie
Mr. Krabs x Mrs. Puff
Mr. Krabs x Plankton
Patrick x Mindy
Plankton x Karen
Squidward x Squilvia
Spongebob x Sandy

Ember x Bandit the Armadillo
Flame x Ember
Flash x Nina
Hunter x Bianca
Hunter x Elora
Spyro x Cynder
Spyro x Elora
Spyro x Ember

Amy x Cosmo
Amy x Cream
Amy x Gamma
Amy x Honey
Android-Shadow x Amy
Android-Shadow x Robotic-Duplicate-Sally
Antoine x Bunnie
Ash x Mina
Ashura x Tiara Boobowski
Charmy x Cream
Charmy x Saffron
Chris x Frances
Chris x Helen
Chris x Maria
Cream x Cosmo
Cream x Emerl
Eggman x Ella
Eggman x Sare
Erazor Djinn x Sharha
Jet x Wave
Jules x Bernie
Ken x Sally
Knuckles x Amy
Knuckles x Juile-su
Knuckles x Sally
Knuckles x Shade
Knuckles x Sonia
Knuckles x Tails
Knuckles x Tikal
Manic x Amy
Manic x Sonia
Manik x Lara-Su
Maximillian x Queen Alicia
MetalSonic x Amy
MetalSonic x MetalAmy
Robotnik Jr. x Breezie Hedgehog
Rouge x Sally
Sally x Tails
Scouge/Evil Sonic x Amy
Scouge/Evil Sonic x Princess Alicia
Silver x Amy
Silver x Blaze
Shadow x Amy
Shadow x Cream
Shadow x Cosmo
Shadow x Helen
Shadow x Hope
Shadow x Honey
Shadow x Maria
Shadow x Molly
Shadow x Rouge
Shadow x Sharha
Shadow x Sally
Shadow x Tails
Shadow x Marine
Sonic x Amy
Sonic x Blaze
Sonic x Breezie
Sonic x Knuckles
Sonic x Mina
Sonic x Sally
Sonic x Shadow
Sonic x Sharha
Sonic x Tails
Sonic x Tiara
Tails x Amy
Tails x Cream
Tails x Fiona
Tails x robot Fiona
Tails x Mina [25Y Furture Archie]
Tails x Marine/Marin
Void x Lumina

South Park
Bradley (ep. "Cartman Sucks") x Butters
Cartman x Butters
Cartman x Shelley/Shelly
Kenny x Kelly
Kenny x Lizzy
Stan x Kyle
Stan x Wendy

Star Wars
Han Solo x Leia Organa
Luke Skywalker x Leia Organa
Luke Skywalker x Mara Jade

Super Smash Brothers
Pokémon Trainer (Red) x Lucas

Tales of Abyss
Asch x Natalia
Guy x Dist
Guy x Natalia
Florian x Anise
Ion (7th replica) x Anise
Ion (original) x Arietta
Ion (7th replica) x Sync
Luke x Natalia
Luke x Tear
Sync x Anise
Sync x Arietta

Tales of the Frog Princess
Emma x Eadric

Teen Titans
Beastboy x Raven
Beastboy x Terra
Beastboy x Starfire
Robin x Raven
Robin x Starfire
Cyborg x HoneyBee
Cyborg x Raven
Cyborg x Starfire
Deathstroke (Slade) x Terra [New Teen Titans]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Casey x April
Donatello x April
Leonardo x Karai
Leonardo x Venus
Raphael x Mona Lisa

That '70s Show
Eric Forman x Donna Pinciotti
Michael Kelso x Jackie Burkhart

The Emperor's new Groove/School
Kronk x Miss Birdie
Kuzco x Malina
Pacha x Chicha
Pacha x Kuzco

The Girm Adventures of Billy and Many
Billy x Mandy
Grim x Mandy
Nergal Junior x Mandy

The Lion King
Kiara x Kovu
Kovu x Vitani
Mufasa x Sarabi
Simba x Nala
Scar x Zira

The Little Mermaid
Eric x Ariel
Urchin x Ariel

The Powerpuff Girls/Z
Blossom x Berserk
Blossom x Brick
Bubbles x Boomer
Bubbles x Brat
Buttercup x Brute
Buttercup x Butch
Kaoru x Butch
Miyako x Boomer
Miyako x Takaaki
Momoko x Brick

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz / Wicked
Fiyero x Elphaba
Glinda x Elphaba
Nessarose x Boq

The World Ends with You | It's a Wonderful World
Neku x Shiki

Tokyo Mew Mew (Japanese names first)
Ichigo/Zoey x Kish/Dren
Ichigo/Zoey x Masaya/Mark
Lettuce/Bridget x Ryou/Elliot
Pudding/Kikki x Tart/Tarb
Ryou/Elliot x Ichigo/Zoey

Total Drama Island/Action
Duncan x Courtney
Duncan x Gwen
Geoff x Bridgette
Trent x Gwen
Tyler x Lindsay

Toy Story
Barbie x Ken
Buzz x Jessie
Woody x Bo Peep
Woody x Jessie

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Syaoran x Sakura
(clone) Syaoran x Sakura
Sakura x Tomoyo
Toya x Sakura
Toya x Yukito
Yukito x Sakura
Yukito x Syaoran

Vampire Knight
Zero x Yuki

Kaito x Meiko
Len x Rin

When They Cry
Keiichi x Rena
Keiichi x Mion
Satoshi x Shion

Xiaolin Showdown
Chase Young x Jack Spicer
Chase Young x Kimiko
Chase Young x Omi
Chase Young x Wuya
Clay x Kimiko
Dashi x Chase Young
Dashi x Wuya
Guan x Chase Young
Jack Spicer x Good Jack
Jack Spicer x Katnappe
Jack Spicer x Wuya
Raimundo x Chase Young
Raimundo x Kimiko
Omi x Kimiko

Joey/Katsuya x Mai
Priest Seto x Kisara
Seto x Kisara
Mokuba x Seto
Yami Bakura x Marik/Marlik
Yami x Seto

Link x Midna
Link x Saria
Link x Ruto
Link x Vaati
Link x Zelda

Zatch Bell! | Konjiki no Gash Bell!!
Kiyo/Kiyomaro x Lori/Shiori
Kiyo/Kiyomaro x Megumi
Kiyo/Kiyomaro x Suzy/Suzume
Zatch/Gash x Kolulu
Zatch/Gash x Tia/Tio</b></b>

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